What Can you Expect from BlackBerry in 2014?

Blackberry have gone months without releasing a new model, but it looks like that could change very soon. An image of a phone looking a lot different to their usual designs, the BB10, has begun circling the web and has made a lot of BlackBerry fans very pleased. This model looks to be smaller than any previous versions and although still sleek, the case looks to be plastic, therefore cheaper, and hopefully more affordable for consumers. A spokesperson remarks:” Although BlackBerry have had some major setbacks in the past five years, they are trying to regain their market share by offering a wide variety of models. They have always offered the elite and powerful business phone, but if this leak is true, they are now trying to attack the market from a different angle, we will just have to wait and see if it works out for them”.

Following a bad five years it looks as though BlackBerry really are diversifying and looking into the smartphone market, while still producing other models, such as the Z10 and Q10, which will still appeal to their business markets. It does seem to be a smart move and despite making a loss on their last financial year, it shows that they are not going to go down without a fight. In fact BlackBerry may well be the ones to watch in the next year.

Although it’s hard to get the correct dimensions from this leaked image speculation is rife that because of the smaller size it may be the first BlackBerry to feature a full touch screen front, as opposed to the traditional QWERTY keyboard we are so used to seeing, which would definitely appeal to the younger, smartphone market.


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