EaseUS all-in-one Partition Manager

Last week one of my friends called me, he wanted to download partition manager which not only can partition the disk but also recover the lost or damaged partition. Actually, use of computers has been increases commendably in past few years. It has crossed the office boundaries and has reached home of several users. Computers have become an inseparable component in today’s modern or may be not so modern homes. Obviously the increased use has led to large amount of data which needs to be stored in there which in turn creates the need of separate drives. In fact it is very common when people add another hard drive to their system and when they do it; they need to format and partition the system before they can accomplish it. This is what my friend wanted to do. I suggested him one such magical tool about which this post is all about. The one I am talking about is EaseUS all-in-one partition manager. Let’s have a look at its features –

It has both free and paid versions. Free version may seem little slower but it is still good considering zero cost. It is easy to use and comes with step by step tutorials and videos. The free version allows you to extend partition, especially for system drive, settle low disk space problem, and manage disk space easily on MBR and GUID partition table (GPT) disk. This trial partition manager can also change labels, defragment disk and partitions, it can check your partitions, and create bootable CDs. But please keep in mind that creation of bootable CDs is not possible in free version. This rebuild mbr (master boot record) feature can be a great help when you are facing boot code issues (provided windows OS files are not corrupted). The trial version can’t do batch operations otherwise it is possible. I liked the fact that this software doesn’t require a reboot when extending NTFS partition to minimize computer downtime. Operating system supported by EaseUS partition manager are Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8.

Partition manager can create delete, resize/move, merge, split, wipe or format partitions to use hard drives efficiently. Regarding Disk partition/copy; it can upgrades/migrates/copies disk and volumes for data protection and can do disk upgrade. For this no Windows system reinstallation required. If we talk about recovery; partition magic has been beautifully designed to recover deleted or lost partition on unallocated space. It can also recover lost partition after repartitioned hard drive. Considering performance partition magic is the best solution for maximizing PC performance under Windows and WinPE based bootable disk. Although the free version lacks support for server, 64-bit operating systems and technical support but still it is quite good for home users.

You can start with the Wizard menu, which provides an easy and quick understanding of three major tasks: Cloning of disk, copying a partition, and recovering a lost or damaged partition. With all said and done, make sure you always remember to back up any data you want to keep before you go ahead with a partition.

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