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When your home office is geared for productivity, it makes you more likely to produce. It’s as simple as that. Let’s face it: there has been a huge influx of those embracing the concept of working from home. Scores of people are opting for more freedom in home-based lives – and the competition is fierce! By taking advantage of the offerings from the tech industry, you will be able to increase your production – and give your home office a more professional, intentional appeal. (Hint: these may be more common than you think!)

4 tech gadgets to increase your home office productivity:

#1: Decorations (not so technical, but very important)

One of the best ways to make your home office more productive is to make it look and feel professional. Your home office should be distinctly separate from the rest of the home. It should be off limits to those not directly involved with running the business. It must be professional to be professional. So take the time, and spend the money, to decorate professionally. A nice office desk is a great item to start with. It can serve as the central point of operations for your home office; your command center.

#2: Computer/Laptop/Tablet

You need to really consider the beauty of a new computer – one that is optimized with all the latest software and apps needed to accommodate the type of business you are growing. You need to communicate via email, social networks and, of course, through your own company website. A new computer, laptop or tablet (or all 3) can and will make you better equipped for productivity. In business, and in our personal lives, well, everything’s pretty much all kept on our computers. They make things easier to keep track of. And they make home offices more productive.

#3: Excellent Internet Access

The business world today demands speedy, consistent ADSL2 from iiNet. You have to get hip and understand that your business is not going to succeed nearly as quickly without this imperative connectivity. It will not suffice to be unable to participate in video conference calls. It’s not OK to be 2 days late transferring electronic files because “your Internet was down”. That excuse is 10 years old now – and heavily frowned upon.

#4: Printer

You need a printer to run a business. If you want to come off as a serious competitor in your industry, then you need to have marketing materials, business cards, pamphlets, brochures, sales letters, letter heads and loads more. And yes, it’s true that you can just send your requests for printing services in online, go pick them up at Kinko’s and let that be the way. But you’ll be missing out. It’s better – makes you feel more professional – when you can take care of your printing needs, according to your own time frames, in-house.

Having the best technologies is important today. But that doesn’t imply that the home office productivity tech gadgets have to super-futuristic. You’ll find that the latest versions of some old things are still the best to keep in your home business office for increasing productivity.

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