8 best jQuery plugins for May 2014

A jQuery Plug-in is easily a new technique that you make use to expand the prototype object of the jQuery. By widening the model object you permit all the objects of jQuery to come into any techniques that you can add. Since established, when you entitle jQuery(), you are making a new object of the jQuery, with all of the inherited methods of jQuery. The thought of a plug-in is to accomplish something with a compilation of elements. You must reflect on each and every method, which is available with the core a plugin for the jQuery, such as .addClass(), .fadeOut() and many others.

If you are one of the experienced developers, you should be cautious with the uses and functionality of the jQuery. It is important to know that jQuery is the famous library of the JavaScript on the internet, and almost each and every designer and developer are known to the features and functionalities of the jQuery. It resolves approximately each and every problem and fulfill to all the needs and preferences of your website to create your website innovative and creative. Developers need to update with the latest and effective jQuery plug-ins that have been introduced in recent times so that they can use them accordingly. There are so many plug-ins available on the internet that will assist you in optimizing the websites and create them visually stunning and beautiful. Have a look at some popular plug-ins of the jQuery available recently, mentioned below:

1. ScrollMagic ( Demo | Download )

It is a plug-in of the jQuery that usually allows you to make use of the scroll-bar such as a progress bar. It is the popular plug-in for you, in case if you are interested to begin an animation at a particular scroll position, pin a component at a particular scroll position and animation to the movement of the scroll bar.

2. Rowgrid.js ( Demo | Download )

It is a lightweight and small plug-in of the jQuery so that you can place images or many other items in straight rows. It is comprised of 700 bytes gzipped file. The grid is identical to the grids on the Flickr, Google Image Search and Google+ Images. It is responsive in nature and permits users to scroll infinitely in an easy and fast manner.

3. Tip Cards Plug-in ( Demo | Download )

It allows you in creating a layout structure of cards with a card like interaction, which you observe on the Google Tips Page. In fact, you need to know that there are some options of the animations available on the web so that you can customize it according to your own tastes and interests.

4. Croppic ( Demo | Download )

It is a picture cropping plug-in of the jQuery. Croppic will satisfy all your needs and preferences related to the cropping of pictures and many other things. It can easily and simply upload a picture. After its uploading, you can easily crop the picture based on your likings and needs with the zooming out and in functionality feature.

5. jQuery Panorama ( Demo | Download )

This type of jQuery Plug-in assists you in embedding panorama images on your website, irrespective of its size and type.  You can now show your Panorama images on your website with this plug-in. You can use this type of jQuery plug-in for your website to easily upload pictures and then crop them.

6. SVG Magic ( Demo | Download )

It is a cross browser compatible plug-in of the jQuery that searches for pictures related SVG on your web portals or sites. It creates PNG editions, if the browser does not compatible and support SVG images in an automatic manner. Hence, in any case, you have the PNG version on your website; you can make use of this plug-in on your site.

7. Image Lightbox ( Demo | Download )

It is a minimalistic, ascetic, configurable, extensible, touch friendly and responsive jQuery plug-in. It is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows based mobile devices. It preloads next picture in a silent manner, utilizes CSS transition and transformation, interacts with the keyboard.

8. BttrLazyLoading ( Demo | Download )

It is a jQuery plug-in that permits your web application or to only load pictures within the port of the view. It also permits you in possessing different version of a picture for four different sizes of the screens. BttrLazyLoading is one of the popular and widely used type of jQuery plug-in by most of the web owners in these times.

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