9 Best Animation Tools to Create Your Own Animation

Basically, the process of animation means giving life to anything or making the thing to be dynamic. The animation process consists of the activities like making the moving images by the utilization of various graphics. The process of animation adds the proportions of time to the graphics which is now ready to display the information effectively. It also increases the ability of transmitting that information which you needed. The animator, who is doing the process of animation, must be capable to specify indirectly or directly how the thing allow to move through space and time. To animate anything, some tools are used which depends on your requirements, purchase and cost options. If you want to know about animation, then you have to know about the various animation tools which are used for real-time animation.

Types Of Animation Tools

There are a number of animation tools are available for you, to make the animation process easier for you. Let us know about the different animation tools which are as follows:

1. 3Ds Max

This tool consists of 3D modeling and rendering software which are used by professionals, game designers and graphic artists which further consist of the activities like interior design, graphic designing, game designing, logo designing and much more. The meshing and mapping features of this animation tool offer the artists to make that real object which they have imagined. The other features of 3Ds Max are as follows:

  • Texture system and graphite modeling
  • Modeling ability of polygon
  • Biped tool set and integrated software
  • Spline and 2D modeling tools


  1. Windows XP
  2. OpenGL graphics/ Direct 3D
  3. 1 GB RAM
  4. Hard disk of 2GB

2. Maya

This tool is a 3D software which can be used for animations, 3D applications, 3D visuals and much more. Like 3ds Max, Maya also offers the user to make or create anything he/she wants. The Maya is not as easy and it is difficult to understand, therefore the user has to learn about it before using it for the animation purposes. Its other features are as follows:

  • Superb camera tracking
  • Editing
  • NURBS modeling
  • Dynamics that are soft & rigid
  • Integrated scripting


  1. Windows, Mac and Linux
  2. OpenGL graphics
  3. 2 GB RAM
  4. Hard disk of 2GB

3. MotionBuilder

This tool is known as a tool of character animation. It allows you to create real-time objects very easily and quickly. Some other features of MotionBuilder are as follows:

  • Kinematics & developed skeleton
  • Frame tool
  • Multi threading
  • Sustain multiple characters
  • Motion capturing capability


  1. Windows XP SP2
  2. OpenGL graphics 1.5
  3. More than 1 GB RAM
  4. Hard disk of 1GB

4. Mach Studio pro

This animation tool is very famous as it has the ability to match up with the speed of your imagination. Its other significant features are:

  • Artistic flexibility
  • Real-time rendering
  • Capability to alter the illumination rig
  • Independent of resolution
  • Allows any format of resolution


  1. Windows 7
  2. Vista business
  3. Graphics card
  4. Professional windows XP
  5. 1Gb RAM

5. Animate Pro

This tool is known as real-time animation tool which makes the use of nodal compositing and vector technology to provide an effective solution to all the needs of the animation.

  • Cell swap
  • Frame tweening
  • Morphing tool
  • Artistic freedom
  • Consists of 50 special effects
  • Perfect sync


  1. Windows ZP
  2. 1GB RAM
  3. Video card
  4. 300MB of Hard disk
  5. 300MB

6. Craft Director Studio

It is a tool which develops the prospective of the current software like Maxon Cinema 4D and SoftImage. Its vital features are given below:

  • Auto-key frame
  • Time saving
  • Its work is depending on AI
  • Radical task flow

7. DX Studio

It offers an advanced environment to the user to make 3D graphics. IT consists of tools which is used for the editing purposes.

  • Utilization with C++
  • Utilization with C#, JavaScript, VB.Net and C++  applications
  • Special features of array
  • 3D engine
  • Effective editor

8. Messiah Studio

It is also a tool which is used for the animation purposes and its features are as follows:

  • HDRI lighting
  • Multi-thread interpretation
  • Ray tracing tools
  • Motion capture capability

9. iClone

It is one of the inexpensive animation tools and its features are:

  • Faster editing
  • Customize design
  • 3D design
  • Ability to make the characters and objects live
  • Motion editing on screen

Now you come to know about all the best animation tools, you can use any one of the above tools for the animation purposes.

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