13 Java Tools That You Can Use For Security

There is one bad news for the Mac users due to plenty of flaws in java. But do not worry as there are plenty of solutions present as well. There are some java security tools which can be installed to   be safe. There is a huge security issue with java and it is recommended to implement security unmeasured for all types of operating systems. Here is some of the java security tool.


It is an open source vulnerability scanner which is particularly designed for some applications such as ruby and rails. It analyzes rails statically application code to find issues related to security at any development stage. If you are using continuous integration then this is the must to have tool.


The condenomicon robust open source software program is especially designed to assist with the open source projects   and it can fix critical flaws in the code. This program also provides full access to the some of the award winning defenses testing and solution that can assist projects find and fix a huge number of the critical flaws instantly. There is a requirement of 130 formats and protocols.


It is an extensible tool which is rule based to find the problems in the.NET libraries and application. It also inspects the programs and the libraries that contain ECMA cil format for both .NET and Mono. And can find common problems that compliers not to typically check or historically checked. The requirement for this is the .NET


It is a program that scans reports and C/C++ security flaws. By default it can also sort reports in the riskiest operations in codes which are listed at first. The requirements for this program are Python 1.5 or greater.


It is a framework that is advanced open source platform for testing, developing and also for using exploit code.  The project will initially begin with a portable network game and will also evolve into a very powerful tool for exploit development, penetration testing and vulnerability research.

Knock sub domain scan

This security tool allows you o scan subdominants, wildcard testing, transfer zone discovery with external and internal wordlist. This tool is quite helpful in the box pentest   to find out the subdomains which are vulnerable. The requirements for this are MAC OS X, windows, Linux.


It is a vulnerability scanner tool and is the most popular among the active scanners, featuring configuration auditing, high speed discovery, sensitive data recovery, asset profiling, and also vulnerability analysis of security posture. This scanner can be distributed throughout inside DMZs, enterprise and across different physical networks Nessus 3.x is proprietary and vendor has yet committed to maintain it. Requirements for this Windows, Mac, Solaris, Linus.


It is an open source security analysis tool and also testing suite which is written in ruby. It is capable of resolving   different types of offline log files and also identifying vulnerabilities in security. Using information after analisation, this tool can dynamically sued to testing the web sites for the application and also web server vulnerabilities.


It is also a n open source  scanner  that performs  a complete tests  against the web server  for  different items at the same time  including  three thousand two hundred  dangerous CGI/files, versions  on 625 servers  and also  problems related to server  on about 230 servers. The requirement for this is window /UNIX.


It is a GUO based  free and multi platform  open source  scanner   that  is used to  find flaws  such as cross site, SQL injection, and other sort of vulnerabilities  in the web applications. This security tool also includes interactive web application intercepting proxy for application debugging. Its modules are written in JavaScript and users can also write or modify them. The requirements are Linux, windows, Java

Web scarab

This tool is entirely written in java and is a loose suite of the web application. This tool is designed for the web developers especially who can write codes.


It is formerly known as ethereal and is used by number of professionals all around the globe for troubleshooting, software, and analysis and protocol development. This software is also having plenty of features that a protocol analyzer is going to expect and other features which might have not been seen in any other product.


This security tool is for the people who require evaluating security for the web application. It is also written entirely in java. All the HTTPS and HTTP data client and server including form fields and cookies and it can be modified and intercepted.

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