23 Wonderful Resources And Tools For Web Developers in 2014

If you are a struggling web developer, then you must know about the latest resources used for the web development, which are available on the internet. You can easily take the rest and sit back as there are a large number of web apps, coding resources, fonts, icons, mapping resources and graphic development tools in the online market. There are a lot of resources which are very helpful and useful for a web developer, which are given below:

1. Flaticon

It is a resource which provides free plugin which can be used directly in Photoshop. It has a large database which is available for free icons.

2. Content Snippets

You should check out the Content Snippets which collects snippets of effective content from worldwide and integrate it as one, if you want your content to be effective and attractive which is inspired by all the companies in the world.

3. GlyphSearch

It provides the facility of browsing the icons from the web site and from Lonicons, FontAwesome and Glyphicons as well.

4. Vector Maps

You should use Vector Maps to have an access to a large number of vector maps from all over the world. You can use Vector Maps by purchasing them or free if you have a license to use it.

5. Layer CSS

You should check out the CSS layers for its lightweight platform which have no dependencies. You are ensured with Layer CSS as it guarantee to give the perfect look and style to the website of your company.

6. Slider. J’s

It is a simple  JS library which helps you to add slide transitions to your website. It also has no dependencies.

7. Sir Trevor

It is used to expand your content easily. It stores the content of your webpage in JSON and as a structured Markdown.

8. Merry Icons

You can purchase Merry Icons at a very low cost to make your webpage Christmassy and cute.

9. Knock

You can open the lock of your Mac with your iPhone using the Knock. You can simply open your Mac without asking your password while knocking at the display of the iPhone.

10. Ionicons

Ionicons are the finest font icons which can be used for the Ionic platform and which are released under MIT license.

11. Icons Of  iOS7 App

The icons of iOS7 App are the best for Obsessive Designers which creates a logo design.

12. Temper

If you want to insert the questions into your website to have better feedback by adapting the digital strategy, then you must use temper which is very easy and simple to use and has a very low cost of just $12/ month.

13. Streme

You can collect a number of links to videos, music and many more by using the Streme and without signing up.

14. Slack

You can bring your communications in a one state by using the Slack. It can be used with all platforms and it also helps to manage your messages.

15. Silk

It is a framework which helps you to collect and share anything on the internet. With Silk, you can make visualizations, website and also can add content to your web pages.

16. Fleep

It is available on the internet which is used for the IOS and it is a chat program, file drawer and a pinboard which can roll many things into one.

17. Canva

Canva is a method to license your task for anyone. This can be used to cope up your design process and integrate with the customers.

18. Firebug Plugin

It is used for styling the elements of HTML, which lightens the workload for the Mozilla Firefox. It offers to see the changes in your page. It also helps to recognize the problems within your rules.

19. CG Textures

When you want an effective background, then you should use CG textures for it. A number of textures can be downloaded from the internet.

20. Webmonkey

It includes the color codes, reusable codes and cheat sheets.

21. W3 Schools

It is the definitive reference for all the web developers. You should know the right context to use for your code.  Using the W3 schools, you can achieve very easily what you want.

22. Color Lovers

It is the best resource for the web developers who are deciding to choose a color scheme to create a web page.

23. IStockphoto

You should know about a watermarked comp before using it and buying it as it is not free for the users. This resource has the capability to download the watermarked comps, which can be used for the design.

You should choose the perfect sites and resources to make your web page attractive and effective.

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