Best HTML5 CSS3 Templates of the Week [5 May – 11 May]

HTML5 has been available for a while nowadays. You can see all web developers and designers have begun to share resources in HTML5 or CSS3 free of cost so that these can be used by another new web designers or developers. The templates are completely free with wonderful features such as responsive layout, flat design, jQuery sliders and many others. From the free term, there is no need of taking it in a sense that if it is free, then it is bad in features. In fact, you can get premium templates. The eight most excellent CSS3 templates are mentioned below, have a look at them, the links are also given to them so that you can download any of them for their proper utilization:

1.       Infusion [ Demo | Download ]

It is a smooth corporate portfolio template, which is designed in standard HTML5 and CSS3 for end users, who need a responsive design of the template with complete functionality. You can insert wonderful call to action components in any part of your site with different options of featured layouts.

2.       Kreative Pixel [ Demo | Download ]

In fact, a responsive template of the photography with wonderful portfolio component arranged for displaying pictures in enormous gallery as needed. The parallax effects are one of the main features in this design template that you will prefer and love for the sake of portfolio photography sites and many others.

3.       Yebo: Flat CSS3 Business Design Template [ Demo | Download ]

This theme is created with bicycle pictures, but it is not essential that it is a bicycle template. With the help of this template, you can change pictures according to your needs and preferences. You can simply insert complete one long web page gallery of the portfolio. You can also insert responsive design of the layout, full width image slider and many others, with this CSS3 design template. This theme is made public and should available for business site that needs upgrading. Interested in getting this theme,

4.       Runkeeper: A mobile application template [ Demo | Download ]

It is one of the product based web design templates, which is responsive in nature and available free of cost on the web. You can make use of this template for any type of mobile app site. This website template is constructed in glossy style and fashion. But there is a possibility that you can make use of this template according to your necessities and choices.

5.       HTML Template Andia [ Demo | Download ]

It is a common fact that free website design resource is a large one. HTML Template Andia is a responsive company or portfolio template of the HTML. It is constructed with Twitter Bootstrap. It is available with five completely responsive web pages such as services, portfolio, home, contact and about. This web design template is an ideal for making a website for a miniature business organization or a personal portfolio.

6.       Produkta: Four HTML templates in one [ Demo | Download ]

In present times, freebie is one of the other responsive web design templates of the HTML constructed with Twitter Bootstrap, and it is named as Produkta. It is an ideal option to introduce any new service or product of your business. This theme is available with four different website templates such as mobile app, iPhone app, video and ebook.

7.       Lemar [ Demo | Download ]

It is a responsive landing web page, suitable for sales of the digital products or services. It is constructed upon the responsive 960 grid of the Skeleton. It is available with twelve different skins of the color to opt for. After downloading it, you can take proper advantage of this web design template for your website.

8.       Striped [ Demo | Download ]

It is one of the latest CSS3 web design templates for web designers. This template is a minimalistic, clean design that style for all basic web page components that include tables, lists and block quotes, a repositionable sidebar that you can reposition it on the right or left as per your requirement. It is a CSS3 or HTML5 coding designed web template for easy and quick customization.

9.       ZeroFour [ Demo | Download ]

A very responsive template design that can be used for magazine/blog. It is very creative template design because of it have plenty of room for all sorts or content. It has also multilevel drop down menus.

10. Flat HTML Portfolio Template [ Demo | Download ]

A very attractive HTML CSS template. This template includes all required page elements in a single page. Also the theme layout design is easy to use.

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