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YouTube is the best platform where you can learn, watch and enjoy  learning  things. Photoshop is quite popular these days and it is also a great tool for the web developers and designers. But there are newcomers who are still lacking the skills of Photoshop. So how you are going to learn the graphic designing with the help of Photoshop? YouTube provides you with plenty of Photoshop tutorials from where you can learn the art of Photoshop. Here are the 12 best You Tube channels described.

1. Adobe Photoshop channel

Adobe is having its own official channel on YouTube. The videos on this channel are slick and are Photoshop elements and light room has their own channels. There are two playlists tutorials having 64 videos and Photoshop hidden Gem having fourteen videos and there you will explore lots of hidden tips.

2. Photoshopmama’s OPD

OPD means obsessive Photoshop disorder and it is important to have this. There are 140 plus videos. Photoshop mama or Mama Shan is  certified by Photoshop and teaches all about Photoshop from this channel. As a beginner, you are definitely going to be attracted by the tutorials.

3. IceflowStudios Photoshop Video Training

It is one of the most popular channel on YouTube. There are playlists which are specifically for Photoshop skill and features that make you master. You can start from the basics and then move to more advanced projects. There are plenty of things which you can learn from this channel.

4. Tutor Vid

From this channel you can start from the basics of the Photoshop  and can move to intermediate stages. After that you can reach in-depth stages of Photoshop. There is also a quickie playlist from where you can learn Photoshop  in just sixty seconds to one day. There are also CS3 and CS4 videos available.

5. Pixel for life

In this channel you are going to find a huge range of graphic design, web design, and Photoshop tutorials. So along with Photoshop  you can also learn to create 3D cereal box. There are also tutorials that teach you HTML-Php mail, CSS and coding.

6. Gavin Hoey Photo Videos

Those who love photography are going to love this channel as Gavin Hoey demonstrates the value for photographers. Photo manipulation and digital imaging are covered within the tutorials. The United Kingdom based photographer started this channel in 2008.

7. Creative sweet TV

Here on this channel you are going to find Photoshop lessons. You can click on the playlist and choose the one where all the lessons are bunched. There are Photoshop tutorials which are available in other languages as well. The tutorials are having systematic playlist.

8. Blending mode

With this tutorial you can learn to connect layers and for toning photographs and for graphic manipulation. There are plenty of ideas which your mind can generate using this tutorial.  There are plenty of things which you can learn from this tutorial.

9. Patching and healing

This tutorial is especially for the advanced Photoshop users.  Here you will learn to perfectly tone your Facebook photographs.  Here are some healing tools, tutorials available.   You will learn to eliminate all the unwanted material from the photographs and will make background smooth.

10. Text effects

From this tutorial you will learn to create texturing. This tutorial is also going to show you the use of some of the best tools that will help you in text manipulation at your disposal in Photoshop.  This tutorial is also of great assistance for the advance users.  If you are interested in learning text manipulation, then watches out this tutorial.

11. Photo combination and manipulation

Here you are going to find some cool stuff to learn. Through some everlasting blending, erasing, smoothing,   this tutorial is going to make you learn some amazing things which you will learn. Here you will learn to combine photographs and also manipulate them. This is going to be amazing for advanced users.

These are the top best YouTube channels and tutorials   from where you can become master of Photoshop. There are plenty of things which you can learn from these tutorials and channels.

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