8 Best Free JQuery eBooks for Web Designers and Developers

jQuery is a cross browser library of the JavaScript. It has been assisting developers and designers all over the world for many years. It is one of the simple methods to simplify the scripting process of HTML. The library of the JavaScript is one immense support for developers and designers. There are so many features of jQuery plug-ins. There are a lot of eBooks available on the web that offers you a chance to get information about jQuery. 8 eBooks are mentioned below:

1.       Essential JavaScript and jQuery Design Patterns | Download

It is important to know that design patterns serve as reusable solutions to normally occurring issues in software development. In fact, these are a very helpful tool in having at your removal. This ebook discovers patterns of the designs for instant JavaScript developers as well as be moderately helpful.

2.       jQuery in Action, 2nd edition| Download

It is a book, which is a truly speedy guide and introduction to make you in learning how to negotiate HTML documents, perform animations, handle events and insert Ajax to your pages. It consists of distinct lab pages, which allow users in getting the description of every new concept practically. It also provides an insight into the fact that how jQuery engage with other frameworks and tools and how to create jQuery plug-ins.

3.       Learning jQuery | Download

Learning jQuery serves as a superior web development and interaction design with easy techniques of the JavaScript. It is a perfect book for website designers, who are interested in creating interactive components for their designs or patterns as well as for developers, who wish to make the most excellent user interface for their applications on the web.

4.       Javascript and jQuery: The Missing Manual | Download

It is important to get in touch with the fact that JavaScript permits users in supercharging the HTML with interactivity, animation and visual effects, but only for those website designers, who discover studying the language difficult. This book along with the basics of JavaScript creates them study in the simple and effective manner. It involves library of the jQuery of pre-written code of the JavaScript to allow you in creating pages, which experience and serve as desktop programs, without the need of going into programming procedure.

5.       jQuery Cookbook | Download

All you know that jQuery assists in simplifying and creating rich and interactive front ends of the web applications. This book shortens the curve of learning, getting a dive into it and learning jQuery in an easy way. There are recipes that assure you in creating your study practices and patterns from the most popular developers, who have been using jQuery for everything such as including simple elements into applications and websites, creating high performance and complex user interfaces.

6.       jQuery- Novice to Ninja | Download

It is the second version of the jQuery- Novice to Ninja. In fact, it is an ideal book for kicking begins your profession trip into jQuery. This book contains all the basics of jQuery, which will help you in learning and appreciating the power of the framework of the JavaScript.

7.       jQuery Recipes | Download

All you know about the jQuery is that it is one of the most famous JavaScript libraries and development frameworks of the web applications. This book titled as jQuery Recipes assist you in getting started with jQuery in an easy and quick manner. It makes sure in serving as a precious reference for a large interval of time.

8.       jQuery Pocket Reference| Download

In this book, you will see that there are 25 pages in which you will get the references about the jQuery basics. It is a 25 page instant pocket reference book, which summarizes the library that lists all the functions and methods of jQuery, with descriptions and signatures. It is important to realize the fact that jQuery serves as the library of the JavaScript that write less and do more. This book is definitely assures you in reading less and learning more about the library of the JavaScript. It is a perfect guide to the JavaScript library. You can get complete information about the JavaScript library with the help of this book.

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