8 Java API Every Developer Should Know About

When it comes to gaining information about the different Java APIs there are two sets of API options that are available. The first one is called as the official APIs list and the second one is called as an unofficial APIs list. This unofficial APIs is released by third party software vendors on the internet. But before we proceed ahead, we must know what exactly a Java API is, well it is a set of class and interface that is a part of JDK. It can also be explained as a huge collection of library routines with the help which basic programming tasks such as GUI form display and looping are performed.

Well API is basically called as an Application Programming interface. The official APIs are Java Micro edition, Java Standard edition and Java enterprise edition. These three also short named as Java ME, Java SE and Java EE. Here are these three official and 5 unofficial Java APIs explained in detail.

Java ME (Micro Edition)

  • The first official Java API is called as Java ME that is Micro Edition and it consists of connected limited device configuration which is also called as CLDC. Another important part of the Java ME API is called as a Java telephony API. Knowledge of these sub-parts are equally important and can prove to be really helpful while developing any sort of Java based software programs.  Download Java ME  .

Java SE (Standard Edition)

  • The Java SE API consists of important components such as Java Advanced Imaging, Java Data objects, Java-Help, Java media framework, Java naming and directory interface, Java speech API, Java 3D, Java OpenGL and Java USB for windows. Every component has its own importance and these components also play an important role during the Java based software program.  Download Java SE APIs .

Java EE (Enterprise Edition)

  • Java EE API comes into two types and those are bundled APIs and optional APIs. The bundled APIs consists of components such as Java Beans Activation Framework, Java Mail, Java message service and Java Server faces. The optional APIs has got components such as Java API for XML- based RPC and XQuery API for Java. Download Java EE  .

Rich Client Platforms

  • Rich Client Platforms also called as RCP is an unofficial Java API and consist of two components. Those two components are Eclipse Rich Client Platform and Net Beans platform. The first component that is Eclipse is a free and open source SDK software. Till now here have been different versions of Eclipse have been released and the latest version is called as Kepler. The second component that is Net Beans consists of different integrated modules. Download the RCP API .

Office Component libraries

  • This Java API is also called as OCL and it has got only one component that is called as Apache POI. This API is basically run by an Apache software foundation and it helps in reading as well as writing files in different MS-Office formats such as Excel, Power Point and Word.  Download  OCL API you can click on this link .

Game Engines

  • There are mainly four major components of Game Engines and those are called as Slick, jMonkey Engine, JPCT Engine and LWJGL. All of these game engines are developed for incorporation in games and the jMonkey engine is associated with 3D games.  Download these Game .


Real- Time libraries and Windowing libraries

  • Essential components include Javolution and Standard widget toolkit which is also called as SWT. If you want to make Java application time predictable and fast, then you need to make use of these Real time libraries and Windowing libraries help in acting as an important replacement to the abstract window toolkit.  Download the real-time and windowing libraries .

Physics Libraries

All of these 8 JAVA APIS that have been discussed hold their own importance and plays and integral part in the overall development of any Java based software program in a smooth and easy way.

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