Amazing Security Tools for PHP Developers

One of the best things about PHP is that it is becoming one of the most used programming languages and within a very short span of time it has gained so much popularity. The only issue which most of the  developers are facing is the right availability of security tools. Here are some security tools for PHP developers explained in detail. The best part is that most of these tools are available at no cost and you can easily download from the internet.

PHPSecInfo  | Download

  • PHPSecInfo is considered as one of the best security auditing tool for PHP developers. If you are planning for multilayered security approach then consider opting for PHPSecInfo. Another best part about this security tool is that you can also run a series of tests so that you can easily identify the issues related to security and even offer your valuable suggestions. You can also check the PHP security guide and follow all the available guidelines and other information. PHPSecInfo is considered as one of the best security threat reporting tool and this is the reason why so many PHP developers rely on this excellent security tool.

Suhosin | Download

  • Suhosin is considered as a very advanced protection system and excellent security tool for PHP developers. If you want to install PHP is a smooth and easy manner and without any security threat, then consider installing Suhosin on your personal computer. You will simply fall in love with this excellent security tool as this tool is specially designed for the protection of servers and users from the flaws that occur. These flaws can turn out be known flaws or unknown flaws, this mostly occurs in PHP core as well as PHP applications. You can use Suhosin in two ways, the first way is to use its two parts separately or you can use it as a combination of both these parts. The first part is for low level protection and the second part is powerful and is for high level protection.

Pixy | Download

  • Pixy is another such PHP security tool that helps in providing highly secure environment for the PHP developers. The main aim of the Pixy is to face Cross- site scripting (XSS) and SQL injection (SQLi) vulnerabilities. A few years back in order to find such vulnerabilities you need to opt for manual scrutiny but with Pixy everything is done in an automatic manner which helps in saving time and is also considered as more effective and highly efficient. Pixy is also called as PHP security scanner it takes a PHP program as its input and finally a report is created which consist of all the vulnerable points as well as additional information that might prove to be handy in understanding the vulnerability.

Spike | Download

  • The best part about Spike is that it is an open source security audit tool and can be easily searched and downloaded from the internet. Spike also allows the PHP developers to have a static analysis of the PHP codes that have been written. You can also get a detailed report about all the errors, warnings and security threats with the help of spike. Apart from PHP this security tool is also beneficial in the case of HTML and helps in identifying errors related to HTML.

PHPIDS (PHP-Intrusion Detection System) | Download

PHP-Intrusion Detection System also called as PHPIDS is very user friendly and well structured PHP security tool used by many PHP developers. Another best part about this PHP security tool is that it is very fast and offers highly sophisticated and state-of-art security layer to all the PHP programs. PHPIDS identifies the attacking individual and work according to the instructions given by the PHP developer. It means you can have complete flexibility while operating this security tool. It even sends an emergency mail to the development team if the threat is bigger.

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