5 Reasons to Love JavaScript in Web Development

When it comes to making your website look more attractive there are many amazing software tools and programs that are available, but one of the best option is to give JavaScript a sincere try. The reason why JavaScript is being liked so much is that it has got more functions when we compare it with HTML.

Another best part about JavaScript is that it is static and HTML is static, this means if you are looking for a quick response to viewer activities then opt for JavaScript. Here are some important and valuable points on how to make a website more attractive using JavaScript.

You can make use of the client side coding

  • Another best part about JavaScript is that it makes use of the client side coding, whereas HTML has got server side coding. All you need to do is to send a software code towards the client’s PC and the internet browser is going to scan that code and the necessary action will be performed. Such type of action makes the website look more attractive because it is considered as the perfect way to study those functioning scripts that are an integral part of JavaScript coding. Download JavaScript .

JavaScript can be used for the improvement of the web page

  • If you want to improve the overall performance of the web page, then consider using JavaScript. In order to perform simple coding tasks generally Java news is applied. This is necessary because any web viewer can easily change the JavaScript from the machine and in this case server side coding also comes into the picture. Even if the JavaScript function is turned off, then also the validation process does not stop.

Make full use of the jQuery from JavaScript

  • Now let’s talk about jQuery is nothing but a library of important functions that belong to JavaScript and the real deal is to use all of these functions in a smooth and efficient manner while designing the website. The best part about jQuery is that it is highly advanced and sophisticated. It is just like using a GPS instead of that old paper map or sending a text message without a phone. These days most of the JavaScript developers lay special focus on the jQuery feature because they know that it will help them make their website turn into a masterpiece.

Entire navigation has been made easy by JavaScript

  • Navigation is one of the most important parts of any good looking website. If the navigation is not good then there are certain chances that the customer or user will not come back and this is the reason why many website developers are preferring JavaScript to make their website look more attractive as well as to ensure smooth navigation. Another main use of JavaScript is that you can also use it for easy functions such as popping up of new windows or the enquiry form design.

Installation of JavaScript is quite easy

  • Another reason why JavaScript has bounced back is that it can be easily installed. You can install it on your computer or smart phone or tablet. You can also protect this program by ring fencing that is also called as sandboxed feature so that there are no issues with the normal working of your computer or tablet. You can easily enable the JavaScript feature by enabling the active scripting feature in the settings of the internet explorer.  If it is a Safari for Mac then you need to tick the ‘enable the JavaScript’ option inside the security button in the preferences option.

Hence with so many benefits available you can very well judge that making your website look more attractive and secure is a very easy job as all you need to do is to make full use of the functions that are available with JavaScript.

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