9 Latest jQuery Plugins You Should Implement

If you are planning to make your website look more attractive and flexible then consider opting for jQuery Plugins. Though there are many amazing jQuery Plugins that are available, but the real deal is to search for those Plugins which are best. Here are some of the best jQuery Plugins of the week discussed in detail.

1. jQuery.a11yTree  | Download

  • The best part about this jQuery plugin is that it has been developed by Matt Long and nested unordered lists have been used for building this plugin. You can easily access this plugin with the help of mouse, keyboard and Aria attributes and roles which are also called as assistive technologies.

2. jQuery UI Size Effect | Download

  • If you want to resize an element up to a specified height or width then consider using jQuery UI Size Effect. It consists of all of the required basic functions as well as initializers.

3. jQuery Url Query String | Download

  • If you are looking for a sincere support for Array as well as Object format, then consider opting for jQuery Url Query String Plugin. It can be used for accessing the url as well as a Query String in a simple and smooth manner.

4. jQuery Marker plugin | Download

  • There are many times when certain parts of a web page are required to be highlighted and in that case this plugin plays a very important role and is called as a jQuery Marker plugin. This plugin has been developed by a person named as Jong-Ha Ahn and is gaining more and more popularity these days. Another best part about this jQuery plugin is that you can highlight all those important keywords.

5. ScrollGlue | Download

  • There are many times when the scrollbars are required to be locked towards the bottom and in such cases you can opt for this lovely jQuery plugin called as ScrollGlue. It has been developed by Mattias Erming.

6. Simple Slide | Download

  • If you want to create slides on your website then consider using a Simple Slides jQuery plugin. It has been developed by Masquerade Circus and is one of the recent entrants into the jQuery plugin market. Another best part is that the slides that are made are quite smooth in operation as well as highly user friendly.

7. Data table | Download

  • Smart data tables are considered as the need of the hour and this is the reason Mikael Capelle developed this excellent jQuery plugin called as Data table. You can create simple yet dynamic data tables with the help of this plugin and moreover the data tables that are created with this plugin ensure better and smooth management of large chunks of data. There are many companies which are into the handling of large amounts of data and they are deploying these Plugins on their websites so that they can carry on with their regular work in a simple and easy manner.

8. jQuery Keep Form Data | Download

  • If want to restore the values of the form’s fields, then consider opting for jQuery keep form data. You can also check the elements as well as a radio button with this jQuery plugin.

9. DP Number Picker | Download

This is considered as one of the best plugin for picking up of selected numbers. You can deploy the + and – buttons for selecting the numbers and this plugin has been developed by a person named Dustin Poissant.

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