Drawbacks of Choosing Wrong Template Design( if You are not Expert Blogger)

As you know, your block has built up of various elements like your content and other fractions involving the template of the blog. Firstly, each blog has various templates selected from the choices given by the Google when the blog was developed. Though it is feasible to alter to a unique template of blog at any time and you are available with a number of choices on the Google and also from other search engines. You can correct template from the outline/Edit HTML label. Though there are a number of results and it is advised by the engineers not to do editing in your template still if one says that performing is a very important part of the features that Google offers.

Blog-Templates Of Google

Blogger/Google provides 4 kinds of template: Designer, Dynamic, Custom and Layout. For Designer, Dynamic and Layout templates, they also provide various unique styles eg. Minima Stretch, Rounders, Simple, Minima, Denim, Thisaway Rose, Awsome, etc. For every fashion of the template, Google has a modern version. But you are also available with previously released versions, which are utilized to be existing and it is superseded as various issues are fixed and found with them.

When Google craft any change in the master copy of a specific template, they look at already used templates in all the blogs as well: if a copy of blog has not been changed, then it is upgraded to involve the alterations that Google crafted to the master copy. But if the template of the blog has been altered, it cannot upgrade it with the enhancements that they have crafted to the master template.

If you are not an expert in programming, you do not know very much about .CSS, PHP basics then you should keep some things in mind while choosing templates. What problems you can face if you have choosen wrong Template design for your website/blog. Here are some drawbacks of selecting wrong templates for your blog, which are described as follows:

1.       Doesn’t Hold Adsense Incorporation

It is true that there is no choice accessible in the section of the design, where you can note down your Adsense code and craft Ads materialize on your blog.

2.       Doesn’t Support Widgets

There are no outline section or page components, where you can insert new widgets. The JavaScript/HTML widget in the traditional templates permits you to insert every widget you desire. May that be Buysellads code, Adsense code or essential widgets such as Recent Comments, Popular posts, Recent posts, etc. your blog will only consist of the body of the post and a sidebar and wonderfully both these regions cannot be changed.

3.       No Choice For Edit HTML

The Edit HTML choice allows you to post traditional blog spot templates. It permits you fully alter the appearance of your blog by employing new themes and plugins. You can insert new widget fractions, edit the body of the post, add JQuery, insert JavaScript, adjust columns and everything you desire. Unluckily, Dynamic views don’t support the functionality of the Edit HTML.

4.       Not SEO Friendly In Nature

The Dynamic views are not SEO friendly nature as compound scripts on the web manage the showcase of your blog that involves AJAX. They are unsighted to flash, JavaScript, images and videos. To reach a new page, search engines of Google utilize the connections on your site.

5.       Loss Of Page Impressions And Page Views

All the pages are uploaded in a single window with appealing the browser to upload again. A reference is delivered through AJAX that commands the browser to maintain in the identical window and upload only the body of the post without uploading the bars and other parts.

6.       Browser Compatibility Problems

The template is developed utilizing in the technology on the web such as HTML5, CSS3 and AJAX. The internet explorer that is the 2nd greatly utilized browser, doesn’t hold for HTML5 and CSS3 fully at present. Therefore, the outputs would appear unique on unique browsers.

7.       Jump Break Is Not Performing

You can’t affix a read more connection by shortening your posts. The posts do not extend when the read more connections or Jump Break Connection is clicked. You can see your connection that nobody can access your post.

8.       No Specialized Touch

Your blog would not appear unique from those a number of blogs, who have chosen Dynamic Views as their evade theme.

9.       Not SMO Friendly

These are not SMO friendly in nature and is it is a big problem considered with optimization of social media.

10.   No Blog Logo, No Favicon

You can add neither a blog logo or a favicon to the header. Therefore, you have no choice to represent your blog logo either as Favicon or on the header.

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