10 Best Google API jQuery Plugins

Are you searching for best Google API jQuery Plugins? If yes, then you will be glad to know that there are plenty of them which are easily available on the internet. The best part about these jQuery Plugins is that most of them are perfect for Travelers and this is the reason there popularity is also increasing. Here are 10 best Google API jQuery Plugins explained in detail.

JQuery Location Picker Plugin [ Demo | Download ]

  • The reason why this plugin have been included into this list is because there is no need for any sort of user interface and the only requirements are Google Maps API and JQuery. You can easily pick an area which falls within specified radius and the address input is auto complete. You just type in the initial letters of the location and the location’s name will pop up. Another best part about this plugin is that you can ensure smooth navigation with the help of coordinates as well as address. With so much flexibility and ease of use this is definitely one of the best jQuery plugin.

JQuery Geo [ Demo | Download ]

  • JQuery Geo is another such lovely plugin that helps you in getting framework related to geo location and map based actions. It uses Open Street Map as its default source and even helps in calculating the distances between two points mentioned on the map. This is also very easy to use plugin and provides you with complete freedom for performing all the necessary actions.

JQuery GPS [ Demo | Download ]

  • JQuery GPS helps you in adding Google Maps on your website in a very simple and smooth manner. You can add either default ids or custom ids. Another best part is that you can use any element of your choice for triggering the event so that there is no need to embed it into a form. All these reasons have lead to wide usage of this plugin and the user base is increasing with each passing day.

CraftMap [ Demo | Download ]

  • CraftMap is another such jQuery Plugin that is perfect for mobiles and responsive based websites. With the help of CraftMap you can convert a simple picture or image into a functional map and there is no need to insert markers. Another best part about CraftMap is it consumes very less space that is 6KB.

WhatsNearby [ Demo | Download ]

  • With the help of WhatsNearby you can check the nearby places and even form a list of all these places as per your requirement. This Plugin also makes use of Google Maps and is highly efficient. The best part is that you can easily download this plugin from the internet and it is available free of cost. The coding is also very simple and in order to ensure smooth debugging you can make full of any of the related debugging tools that are available.

FormMapper [ Free Demo | Download ]

  • FormMapper allows you to use the auto complete as well as Geo Location features. The best part is that Auto Complete dropdown pops up automatically and you can also add map container and even drop and drag all the capabilities that are location based. When you do this the complete address of that location appears on the screen provided that the location is available with Google Maps. Documentation as well as Demo is easily available on the internet and it is a very simple to use Google API jQuery for travel related platforms.

JQuery Birdseye [ Free Demo | Download ]

  • This plugin is most suited for apps that have got moving maps. Generally these are used by GPS based applications such as Yelp and Airbnb. The set up is simple and smooth and once you set them up with your website you will realize its importance. Download and installation is simple and before downloading and installation of this plugin you can even watch a free demo on the internet. Complete documentation and usage attributes are also readily available.

GeoLocation [ Free Demo | Download ]

  • GeoLocation is a jQuery plugin to find location of users. We can get the location of the user that is visiting our website. Using this plugin we can get latitude, longitude and complete address of that particular user. The plugin detects the user location.

JLocator [ Demo | Download ]

  • It is a jQuery store locator plugin. Some basic functionalities are searcing, filtering, sorting and pagination for our stores. This is fully customized styles

Geo Autocomplete [ Demo | Download ]

  • It is a plugin to autocomplete location using Google Map B3 API. The plugin converts an input fields into autocomplete fields. The plugin give an thumbnail image to check the location.

Though there are many more platforms where Google API jQuery plugins can be utilized but the above mentioned are one of the most widely used. You can also try to use any one of them and once you start using any of them you will really feel that you have taken a perfect decision.

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