A Favicon Represents Your Online Business – Things You Should Keep in Mind about Your Favicon

Favicons easily place is a ‘favorites’ icon. These are small icons, which you observe subsequent to the URL in your web browser. These are also shown in the ‘tab’ region of a number of browsers like internet explorer and Firefox. These assist users in identifying what site they are going to. These are used by closely all recent web browsers and are frequently utilized by other services like bookmark applications and RSS readers.

If you want to create a favicon image of your website, it is important to understand a lot of things to make it unique and professional. There are so many things you must remember while making favicon image for your site. A proper guide is mentioned below, which will display you how to create a professional appearing favicon size picture for your site, it is simpler and easier than you suppose. Take a look at:

Short history of the favicon

Favicons are also known as shortcut icons, initially became visible in Internet Explorer 5, in which putting a favicon.ico icon in the website root would lead to a 16 pixel square picture to emerge out subsequent to the URL in the bookmark lists and the address bar of your web browser, without need of any HTML. Primarily, this had an additional advantage of approximating the number of times, your websites were bookmarked by calculating applications for the favicon, other than this is no longer dependable since web browsers begun assisting the favicon for more than only bookmarks.

Prior to starting

Before you begin making any icon, you must know and where the favicon will be utilized, as that will place impact how you make and deploy it. The sub parts below will envelop the different concerns:

  • About the context
  • What dimensions or sizes are required?
  • Which formats are required?

What is the context?

It is important to know that a favicon might come into view on a wide range of backgrounds, so you will have to make use of transparency for getting the most excellent option for fitting all. It would not forever be shown on a white background of the address bar, it may come into view on a gray Mac operating system X user interface, windows aero glass, or a dark web browser theme. In fact, Firefox 4 also inserts a gray button to the background to favicons in the address bar.

What sizes are required?

If you want to make a favicon for each and every probable use, the dimensions or sizes you would necessitate in order to make are such as 16, 24, 32, 57, 72, 96, 114, 138 and 195 in pixels. Each and every size has its own uses and requirements. Do you truly require using all of them? Since forever, it depends upon the context. A website for iOS and Mac software service provider would advantage  from a number of iPhones and iPad specific icons, while an intranet website, which will just be shown in internet explorer would be superior with a multiple resolution ICO file. In fact, a web app, proposed to be seen on desktop and mobile would take advantage of investing the time in making all of these above mentioned sizes.

What types of formats are required?

In the previous times, when an ICO format of the windows was the just type of file supported, there was a short time-saving method you could depend on, you can save a favicon in the form of a 16x16GIF and easily rename it, providing it an .ico file extension. In present times, there is no need of doing this and must not utilize this method in the form of tools for making an ICO file are more willingly and freely available on the internet. In addition to it, many other types of formats are nowadays supported for the utilization of the favicon, even though there are usually only 2 formats worth to consider like ICO file and PNG format.


Last but not the least, the tools are essential to consider. There are different types of tools and techniques available. You can choose any type of tool from a reliable internet source and download it on your device. Such tools are easy to operate and manage.

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