Blogging for a Better Career: 4 Ways It Can Help You Land a Fab Job

Whether you’re interested in increasing your annual salary by landing a great job that pays better than your existing job or you’re minus a job and searching, consider blogging to a better job. How can starting a blog help you land a great job? See below for four ways that blogging can help land the job of your dreams.

1. Showtime – Showcasing Your Talents

By starting a blog, you’re putting your skills and talents on display for the entire world to see. This world, of course, includes potential future employers. Depending upon your particular interests and knowledge base, use the skills that you learned from UIC online to create a killer blog, especially if you have web design talents.

2. When Done Right You’ll Gain Recognition

Once you’ve masterfully designed your blog and added great content to it, then begin getting social. Getting social is really where it’s at. Sure, you can grab page views with great content and SEO, but when you get social both online and in person with your network, your content reaches a larger audience. With that said, getting social requires time, work, and dedication.

3. It Forces You to Think Outside the Box

When you build your blog, you expand your knowledge base and learn things that you never dreamed you would learn and master. If you’re new to the world of “content marketing” and “SEO,” this all seems a bit overwhelming at first. But don’t worry, you’re not alone and many other successful bloggers have been in your shoes. It just takes time to master all of the above when you’re forced to think outside of the box.

4. Improve Your Writing and Communication Skills

If you write your own content and your writing skills aren’t so hot, with steadfast determination and perseverance, you can master the ability to write powerful, engaging content that brings readers back for more. You also improve your communication skills with your writing and by getting social through networking. This also helps later when you land your interview. Practicing your communication skills in all forms is important.

Popular Blog Types

Using your profession to start a blog works to your advantage, because utilizing your knowledge base makes you more authoritative. When you’re authoritative with your blog, you’re considered an expert in the blogosphere, which adds to your recognition and credibility. Your followers will increase. A few potential areas to consider for your blog include:

  • Marketing Blogger:  Watch doors open in the marketing world as you showcase your marketing talents with your professional/personal blog.
  • Finance Blogger:  As a finance blogger, you’ll watch your following steadily grow and earn while you learn.
  • Healthcare Blogger:  As a healthcare blogger, you’ll have to use extreme caution due to HIPPA laws and medical code of ethics.

As an expert in any one of these fields listed above, you can expect a gradual, large following. Content and continuity are key factors.

What Not to Do with Your Blog

Always be as politically correct as possible and avoid anything controversial. If you can’t resist writing about something controversial, then tread carefully. Be mindful of what you say about your existing employer. It’s generally best to avoid writing about your employer in your blog. This could be grounds for dismissal, even when writing about good things.

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