Top 10 Best Ways on How to Make Yourself Sneeze

Have you ever felt itching, annoying or congestion in your nose and you want to sneeze, but unfortunately, it is unable for you to do that? It precisely is the uncomfortable feeling, and sometimes it makes you be in a fret.

You are wondering that: “Is there any way to make myself sneeze?”. It entirely can occur if you try one of those things below.

1. Inhale a spice

It is a simple way that you can do and see the effect immediately when you use some nasal irritants like cumin, coriander, and crushed pepper, etc. Pepper contains piperine which can stimulate your nose to sneeze due to trigger the nerve endings of the mucous membrane inside.

You can gently stiff when you open the jar of spices, and it can cause a sneeze naturally. But remember that you should not inhale too much because it can lead to pain and burning sensation in your nose.

2. Pluck a nostril hair

Pluck a nostril hair can make you feel pain but along with that is a sneezing reaction due to the stimulation of the trigeminal nerve. In some people, the itching nose also can occur even when they think about that action. The skin in your nose is susceptible so you should tweeze your nostril hair gently.

3. Tweeze an eyebrow hair

Similar to plunk a nostril hair, tweeze an eyebrow hair also causes the stimulation of your facial nerve and irritates the nasal nerve. You can try to make yourself sneeze by using a pair of tweezers to tweeze a single eyebrow hair. It can cause a sneeze reflex immediately, or you have to pluck a few.

4. Look towards the bright light

Looking up toward a bright light especially strong sunlight can make some people sneeze uncontrollably. Researchers indicated that nearly 35% of the population are prone to this reaction which called photic sneezing ( or autosomal dominant compulsive helio-ophthalmic outbursts of sneezing: ACHOO). Beside the optic nerve is the location of trigeminal nerve so this reflex can occur.

This sneezing reflex is hereditary, so if any parent got this one, their children might have a chance of this but with the percent of 50.

5. Stimulate your nose by a tissue

Using a tissue is a simple way to make yourself sneeze due to causing the tickling sensation in your nose. You can roll the corner of a tissue into a point and then put in into one side of your nose with wiggling the tissue until you got a sneeze reflex. It is the result of irritating the trigeminal nerve in your nose, your brain has received the message, and a sneeze can occur.

You should be careful to avoid putting the tissue too deep in your nostril because it can make you painful or a piece of the tissue can be stuck or remained inside your nose.

6. Rub your nasal bridge

Gently rubbing in downward motion the bridge of your nose by using your fingers can also stimulate the trigeminal nerve. You can rub until the back of your nose has the tickling sensation and brings a sneeze reflex. Make sure that you do it gently and not too hard to avoid injuring your skin.

7. Using the tongue to massage the roof of your mouth

The roof of your mouth is the place that the trigeminal nerve runs along so you can use this feature to have a sneeze reflex. Using the tip of your tongue to press and run in and out lightly the top of your mouth. This method can be effective, but for someone, it is not.

8. Fizzy drinks

Have you ever felt the tickling sensation in your nose when you used the fizzy drinks? The fizzy drinks contain carbon dioxide which can activate the TRPA1 receptor on your tongue. The saliva will be increased due to stimulating several receptors and leads to the reaction like a cough and sneeze. Your tongue is less sensitive to carbon dioxide than your nose so inhaling the bubbles of fizzy drinks also makes you sneeze. You should not drink or inhale too much because the large amount of CO2 can be harmful to you.

9. Dark chocolate

Have you ever heard that eating dark chocolate can cause a sneeze reflex? This reaction can occur in some people and especially more effective with the people who do not eat dark chocolate regularly. Its mechanism is not known exactly, but it certainly is not an allergic reaction. It can be considered like a photic sneezing reflex. It could be the result of the cocoa particles when you inhale them into your nose. It also is the simple way that you should try once when you want to make yourself sneeze by enjoying a piece of dark chocolate.

10.  Inhale cold air

Do you notice that when you have a cold you certainly sneeze too much and it even makes you feel upset and tired? The cold air affects surrounding your skull area, or your face can stimulate the trigeminal nerve and cause a sneeze. Your body also shivers due to the cold air go into nasal passages which lead to irritate the nerve and trigger a sneeze reflex.

To get a sneeze reflex by this way, you can take a deep breath of cold air from the places with cold weather. If you can find any available place like that, you can breathe in the cold air from your fridge or air conditioner with the similar mechanism. You should be careful because this method sometimes can lead you to be sick and certainly make you feel uncomfortable.

Those are some tips for you to make yourself sneeze. It cannot work for everyone because each people have a different level of sensitivity and can be differently responded so you should try and find out the most effective method for you.



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