What Would Happen If the Internet Collapses?


We are so addicted to the Internet that we cannot even think of having no Internet in our lives. We rely on the Internet for so many things that it is unimaginable to not having it and is it is unperceivable for us to imagine life without it. When we subscribed to the Internet service that we have, we were impressed by the catchy advertisements and loft claims about the mind-blowing quality, unrivaled performance and blistering speeds of the Cable Internet Providers in my Area, during our searches. And how we read the reviews and posts on how useful the Internet is to us and the never-ending utilities and benefits that we enjoy because of the Internet.

But in this post, we will talk about how our life would be without the aforementioned amenity in our lives.

Life Would Be Much Simpler

Imagine there is no Internet anymore. That means that when you go out for a jog, you wouldn’t see anyone staring at their smartphones or tablets’ screens. The expensive and complex gadgets of every shape and size that have flooded the market will lose their attraction and fun without the Internet. The recurrent complain that we listen these days about how gadgets have hindered the live communication between people and how people are glued to the gadget screens at all times will die their own death. The very idea of such a scenario gives us goosebumps and it is comforting in a way too because the way people are addicted to the Internet is not very healthy and overuse of gadgets for purposes like social media browsing, online gaming and so on.

So, in our opinion, having no Internet would definitely make lives simpler, but now that we have experienced how Internet keeps us updated and connected, life would also become very boring and dull.

Change in Modes of Communication

Even since the Internet is invented, people have stopped using the old-school modes of communication such as Landlines, phones, faxes and so on and have switched to the much-handy, Internet-based, novel texting and calling Apps, that support texting, audio calling, video calling and even conference calling. These Apps include WhatsApp, Viber, FaceTime, Skype and so on. In addition to these, there are social media messaging and calling facilities and messengers dedicated to direct messaging, chats and calls.

If internet collapses, people would switch back to the old-school modes of communication. You should expect to see old, wired phone sets, fax machines and, cell phones that only support calls and SMS services.

Change in Modes of Entertainment

Internet-based entertainment forums have revolutionized the ways we used to have entertainment. Everyone prefers to have the entertainment sprees at their leisure time, in the comfortable zone of their bedrooms, and watch/stream content of their taste and choice. Forums like Netflix, YouTube, and the likes have enabled people to watch blockbuster movies, TV shows, and documentaries etc., one after the other. Gone are the days when we had only a few entertainment channels, and all the family members would gather around one, common TV set and watch their favorite shows.

Having no Buckeye Internet means, getting to experience such get-togethers around the old-school, conventional TV screen or enjoying music on the radio or music systems. Walkman and CD players will also hit the market. Since no streaming would be possible, movies would only be seen through CDs and DVDs.

Talking about all this makes we feel like we are talking about Stone Age. Do you feel the same? That’s exactly because the Internet has become so important in our lives. With the unlimited utilities that the Internet has, it has become a part and parcel of everyone’s lives.

A majority would feel that the world would become all dull and boring without the Internet, but there would be a good number of people who would be in favor of this huge change. And that would include all those nature-lovers who always condemn the excessive use of gadgets, technology and all those things that have hindered the contact with nature and live communication among fellow humans.

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