Five best adventure activities in Bangalore

Bangalore is one of the best city in India, which is growing at a fast pace more people are migrating to the city. Hence there are people of each type here and as people are tending towards adventure and liking the adventure sports. Not only the citizens but with more and more tourists coming to visit Bangalore there is a different type of adventure sports which can be taken part into. There are many different types of adventure sports, but today we will be talking about the best five adventure activities for which Bangalore is the best.

Paragliding in Nandi Hills Bangalore

Bangalore is quite famous for paragliding, and you can experience Paragliding with ease with the help of a facilitator. Nandi Hills in Bangalore where most of the famous resorts are situated also offers you Paragliding which is quite far from the main city by 68 KMs and hence offers you a nice bird’s eye view of the City of Bangalore from the sky. Paragliding in Nandi hills is organized by Fly Nandi which is a sub-company of Xtacee Paragliding Club based in Bangalore.

Paragliding in Bangalore
Paragliding in Bangalore

Trekking in Bangalore

Bangalore is surrounded by different mountains, and with each mountain, there are different treks which one can take to get some amazing view from the top, and hence Trekking happens to be one of the best adventure activities in Bangalore. Some of the famous trails in Bangalore for Trekking are Bheemeshwari, Savandurga, Ramanagara, Makalidurga, etc. If you are looking for some great Treks during your vacation, then Bangalore happens to be the best place for you.

Rafting in outskirts of Bangalore

If you think you need to head to Uttarakhand for River Rafting than it is wrong because here in Bangalore you can easily enjoy the same sport with ease. There are a couple of challenging routes for river rafting which for sure is going to get you an adrenaline rush. In Bangalore, Bheemeshwari is the best place for river rafting. This is a good place if you are with your family or friends because you need at least six people at one go in a raft.

PaintBall in the resorts of Bangalore

Everyone must have played this game or at least watched some reality show where this game was being played. PaintBall is a great adventure sport where you can easily compete with your friends and you can play this game with your group or can even play alone which is a nice option. This can be related to Holi as it is quite same. There are many different resorts around Bangalore where you can easily play this game.

Rock Climbing in the Malls of Bangalore

Bangalore is surrounded by Deccan Plateau, and hence there are some natural rock formations and a number of different mountain ranges also where you can easily climb the rocks and experience the thrill. In Bangalore, this is one of the most famous activity, and you can easily reach out to any resort or hotel where they can arrange the same for you.

Rock climbing Bangalore
Rock climbing Bangalore

These are the best five adventure sports which you can take part in Bangalore and have a nice adrenaline rush inside you. Do let us know which is the best adventure sport you like in Bangalore also comment if we missed any.

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