Classic Oxford Version of Daniel Wellington Every Woman Should Own


There are many watches from the Daniel Wellington series that we adore, but nothing tops our favorite Classic Oxford version of Daniel Wellington. The style and shape promises perfection to every woman and a unique style that ensures inimitable relation. This aesthetically pleasing timepiece is one of its kinds as it not only guarantee a lifelong fashion statement but it also makes certain that it offers quality service of a watch that it is meant to be.

It is not only a piece that you should be gifting to yourself at the time of need or during your hours at the office. A precious watch is like a friend that stays with you forever. Why not then invest into something that is not going to leave you deserted at the time of need? It is both to accentuate your style and to make you feel in the hands of something pure and safe. Moreover, let us not forget the importance of time in everyone’s life. For an ambitious woman, time is money as they say. Learn the importance of time with the Daniel Wellington collection for women and we promise you will cherish every moment with it.

Want to stop by to the nearest Daniel Wellington outlet to get an ideal timepiece? Why not you take a look at the following qualities of the classic oxford version of Daniel Wellington? We promise you will not be disappointed. Read on to find out why Daniel Wellington is undoubtedly the king of all timepiece brands.  Daniel Wellington Watches coupon

Interchangeable Straps

It seems hard to get yourself committed to just one kind of strap for a long period of time. Especially when you are investing on something that is pricey and from a good brand, you want to have it with you but after a while you would also thrive for changes. This is common human nature – we all opt for more. Keeping that in mind, classic oxford version of Daniel Wellington presents to you interchangeable straps so you can exchange and get something else whenever you want.


The colors available in this version do not only excite the feminine side of a woman and nature itself. Since Daniel Wellington understands that everyone is different with varying desires and dreams, the company offers red and blue colors to its customers. So whether you are a romantic who prefers red in the year or a lover of sea breeze and ocean, you will have the taste that you like. Combining the two together, you can flaunt these colors wherever you like.

Water Resistant

If there is anything that is unpredictable, it is the weather. One moment it is sunny and the next it begins to rain. Keeping this in mind, the company offers water resistant watch so that no woman would worry wearing it on daily basis. Moreover, you can wear it around the house and do your work, there is no way this watch will get ruined because of moisture.

Adjustable Length

Beautiful women come in all shapes and sizes. That being said, Daniel Wellington put extra effort in making its classic oxford version a thing for all. Whether you are a plus size or petite lady, you can wear this beautiful thing around any place you want. The adjustable straps let you choose the length that you prefer, so you can put it on as easily as possible.

Aforementioned are just some qualities that make classic oxford version of Daniel Wellington an ideal timepiece. Make sure you check all the other pretty designs at the store. And you can do that easily by visiting the website and picking the one you like best online. Happy shopping!

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