Medical Benefits of Marijuana


Almost 20 states in the United States have legalized marijuana; the experts have been arguing lately regarding the legalization of marijuana regarding medical benefits; the topic is a bit controversial as many people believe that a drug should not be made legal. For the benefits of health and improving lives of people, even the drug like marijuana is beneficial and can be made legal for medical uses only. And even though advocates of marijuana legalization may overstate the benefits of smoking pot, the medical experts have found interesting faces about marijuana and its medical benefits for the health.

Of course, there are bad effects of smoking drugs if it is used for leisure or no-medical purposes. The drugs can become an addiction very quickly which deteriorate the health of young people tremendously. There are at least two active chemicals in marijuana that researchers think have medicinal applications.

Medical Benefits

To prevent and treat the eye-related diseases, marijuana can be used for medical purposes. It helps to reduce the pressure inside the physical eyes and also helps to slow down the development of eye diseases like glaucoma.

It Improves the Lung Health

Marijuana is also good for the function of lungs as revealed by the Journal of American Medical Association. The journal article revealed the research that marijuana increases the lung capacity and helps to reduce lung cancer. The heavy smokers of tobacco often feel pain and complications in lungs; marijuana helps to increase the capacity of lungs.

It controls the Epileptic Seizures

A study in 2003 revealed that marijuana could be beneficial medically which prevents and reduce the epileptic seizure. The experiment was made in the Commonwealth Universities which revealed that rats who were given marijuana showed signs of reduced seizures for ten hours or more.

It Reduced Risk of Dravet Syndrome

Marijuana can help the kids and young preschool children to help reduce the seizures and fight Dravet Syndrome. The development problems lead to delays in children’s development; marijuana seems to be working against the developmental delays in kids of very young age.

It Fights Cancer

Marijuana can help prevent cancer from spreading. The research in San Francisco revealed that marijuana is helpful to fight the breast cancer cells in women if used for medical purposes. It even kills the cancer cells also decreases the anxiety in patients. It suppresses the nausea a reduces the pain in patients as well.

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