The Best “cruise down the Nile” Experience with a Second Passport

By: Hassaan Javaid

“Cruising the River Nile is the best way to explore Egyptian tombs & temples in absolute tranquillity”

Many prefer a second passport to satisfy their travel enthusiasm and nothing’s better than St. Kitts and Nevis second passport that gives visa-free access to some of the most exotic and amazing countries around the world with Egypt to rule them all.

The first thought of exploring Egypt sparks an image of the mighty River Nile; the world’s longest river! For centuries, savvy travellers voyaged the never-ending stretches in hope of finding the most unexpected sights and river life. The entire experience is thrilling to every bit much like the tombs and temples.

The cruise is totally unpredictable in a way that you might be admiring fisherman rowing his boat hole slowly and the peacefulness is broken by a barrage of rogue teenagers, slicing the water in their speedboat.

From the sparkling foliage on the riverbank to the damp handrails, the breeze at dusk is always refreshing, clean and welcoming. In the morning however, the same picture is upturned as all you can see are dry yellow hills and the hot air blowing dust all over.

The very sight of men taking sun bath while enjoying morning tea and viewing wheat and sugarcane fields, muddy huts, bougainvillea flowers and cheerful kids is charming. Perhaps not on your itinerary when bearing valuable St. Kitts and Nevis second passport, cruise down the River Nile in Egypt is truly wonderful.

Neatly carved hieroglyphics at the Luxor Temple and intense artwork inside Valley of the Kings’ tombs are prominent tourist spots between Aswan and Luxor; just a short drive along the banks of the Nile.

The Karnak Temple

Since the cruise tour starts at Luxor, the first port you’ll come across would probably be the Karnak Temple. Here, you’ll gasp at the jungle of sophisticated carved pillars, walls and columns whereas the very scale of this ancient temple sends shiver down the spine and alluring timeless power. The central area was considered as home of Egyptian god of the sun; Amun-Re and the shrine is epitome of the largest ever religious structures.

The Luxor Temple

Another major temple is the Luxor Temple which is another dedication to the Amun-Re alongside Theban Triad. The entrance is marked with two huge seated statuettes of Ramses II; the last of the pharaohs to work on development and renovation of the temple. Among the many highlights of the visit here is eyeing the beautiful artefacts of people beating drums, clapping, performing acrobatics and dancing. Other carvings are of the boats with their dominating captains shouting instructions; the very energy of every scene here would linger in the mind forever.

Valley of the Kings

We’ve all heard of the Valley of the Kings since schooldays but experiencing the magnetism of the place in real is unbeatable. The recently instigated replica nearby is worth exploring and launched to cope with the damage mass tourism brought to the original site. Head to the grand chambers where Ramses II & IX, Merenptah and many are buried.


Cruising the River Nile, Egypt is perhaps the most eccentric yet unforgettable way to take advantage of visa-free country accessible on a Caribbean second passport.

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