Artificial Intelligence – Can It Outsmart us?

Have you seen the James Cameroon film and the sequels Terminators? If sources are to be believed, they are set to become true, although in a new term may be coined – “Artificial Intelligence.” So, at present, you have SIRI and self-driving cars. So, AI is making rapid strides. It is human mind that visualizes AI with similar to human forms, the robots, but AI is bigger and can range from a search algorithm of Google to nuclear weapons.

In the present scenario, AI is normally known as weak AI or narrow AI, the main reason they have been designed to perform narrow (simple tasks) such as internet searches, driving cars or facial recognition. But the goal of some researchers around the world is always to create the strong AI. If created, then these AI can outsmart humans at any task right from playing chess, solving equations etc.

Why Is There So Much Commotion Around The Safety With AI?

It is not rumors, but they are genuine considerations of some humans to check on the impact of AI on society in various areas. The main question is the ability to control the AI when it can supersede humans in all tasks. While designing the smart AI is itself a hectic task, it has to be accepted, that the scientists in the team should always be on the path of self-improvement of their own intelligence. There is also a positive side. The new AI can lead us to super new technology that can eradicate war, poverty and disease. However, after the scientists design the AI, is it possible to keep it always under control by aligning goals?

There are some who never believe that the super human AI can be created, and then there are those who believe in the creation, but also tell the impact will only bring positivity. While both the notions are possible, there is also an option that the AI can be misused to create more harm. However, there is always hope. While work goes on to create AI, a similar kind of research is also in process to prevent negative consequences, and we reap only the positive aspects.

How Can AI Pose A Danger To Humankind?

Agreed. These AIs cannot display human emotions such as love or hate. But, when designed to build nuclear weapons, they can set off a situation where it becomes difficult for the machineries to not fire the weapons on other countries. In similar scenario, it could lead to mass destruction.

There can be another scenario. If the AI has been created only with the intention of carrying forward the order, then it can decide that the persons who oppose the request as enemies. And wreak havoc. Example – if an order is passed to an AI for digging wells, it may inflict mass casualties on any human who opposes the project.

But there is one truth which has put humankind, that is, us on the path of self-realization. When man developed skills and conquered Mother Nature (forget the floods, forest fire, famine etc), he did it out of intelligence and barely thought of the other living beings. How else could you believe the significant reduction in the population of tigers, rhinos and elephants?

For example, if a country wants to have a road in the dense forests, seldom will the engineers worry about the trees, animals etc. The trees will be cut, and animal presence will be eradicated. So do you get the idea now?

IF you build a super intelligent AI and it decides to fire nuclear missiles in all directions, what do you think the mankind can do? It is at this juncture that scientists say that the AI must be designed in such a way that its goals always remain parallel with humanitarian traits.

Now the only option of scientists is to accelerate the theory of alignment of goals and promote safety research while continuing the process to create an obedient AI.


While the heat is going on about the negative aspects of super intelligence AI, there are theories abound that the project is never going to succeed. However, research is going on continuously in many of the scientific organizations of the world to produce the supreme AI.

Also, if a super AI is created, and if it falls in the hands of wrong-doers with technical capabilities what will be the result? They can bring the world to a standstill. They can set off negative emotions and the resource needed will be a simple internet connection. They can pass negative comments about the stock market, and bring nations on the war path.

This brings us once again to the same position. Elephants are stronger and have a big appearance. But as humans, we control the elephants as we are smarter. Similarly, once we pass on the baton to AI, we may be overpowered, too. As of now, let us wait and watch.

There are also other myths about AI. The result on the workforce and the position of the job market. Let us imagine, you are an entrepreneur who at present runs a doorstep repair service providing plumbers in Hyderabad. In one year, an AI robot with multi-skills has been created that can resolve plumbing issues, electrical problems and house cleaning at home. So where will your business go? Will you stand to gain profit from the business venture? These are also some of the issues that plague human minds when thinking about artificial intelligence.

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